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Mission: To dramatically improve the health and well-being of every member –
by caring for each and every person like they are literally a member of our own family

  • •  Devoted is by far the fastest growing Medicare Advantage plan in the country
  • •  Their members love them! 60% of our members have referred other members into their plans. That means more referrals for you/your brokers!
  • •  Our brokers also love Devoted so much that they often enroll themselves or their loved ones into their plans
  • •  Devoted is the only national plan with 100% of eligible members in 4+ star plans, they also received 5 stars in Ohio (their first ever star rating in Ohio).
  • •  Member satisfaction continues to significantly exceed the industry with an NPS of 80 on par with Amazon, Apple, and Starbucks. They answer the phone with a live US-based person 80% of the time within 30 seconds.

Let us handle operations behind the scenes; you focus on what you do best:


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